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Contact Orchidee Nettoyage for Professional duct cleaning, and take advantage of improved air quality, superior comfort, cost saving, and extended life of your equipment. We are privileged to serve the Greater Montreal Area since 2002, during all these years, we’ve seen the consequences of contaminated and improperly maintained air duct system. The accumulation of dust, debris and other foreign particles are often responsible for allergy and breathing problems. Orchidee Nettoyage offers our valued customers an effective, simple and affordable solution. We specialize in all areas of duct maintenance, utilizing the most advanced strategies, state of the art equipment, and a team of qualified air vent cleaning technicians that assure you of a optimal benefits of your system. We combat the accumulation of bacteria and debris that negatively impact your health, enjoyment of your home or office, and operation of your system. Our professional experience and expertise delivers a rewarding start-to-finish process and all work is completed in a timely and organized fashion.

Live and work healthier with Professional air duct cleaning!

Over months and years of operating your air duct system, much airborne pollutants are drawn into it. Remodelling projects, pets, smoke, household dust and daily living contributes to the possibility of dust, mould, dander, webs, bugs, construction debris and even, at rare occasions, decomposing small animals can accumulate in your air duct system. Bacteria and particles are then circulated throughout the home, every time your heating or cooling system is solicited, triggering allergies, asthma and respiratory illness. Orchidee Nettoyage utilizes a very effective negative air machine that does not send bacteria and debris back into the air. Our technicians are equipped to face all problems related to your system. They are also informed of all the new technologies, procedures and equipment available ensuring the greatest possible return for your investment.

Contac-us by email or by phone at 514 626-5901, and let us create a healthier living/working space for you to enjoy.

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