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Furniture cleaning

Nettoyage à sec pour meuble et canapé

Do you know why furniture should be cleaned on a regular basis? With time, dust, dirt and even germs accumulate in areas that are difficult to reach. Also, a very well kept upholstered or leather sofa or dining room chair etc… can be stained accidentally by food, drinks and even rust….

Cleaning a piece of furniture requires knowledge, competence and professionalism. For an optimum result in furniture deep cleaning, it is recommended to contact a team of specialists using only eco-responsible products.

Here are professional tips and recommendations to protect your furniture on a daily basis.

Taking good care of your furniture

You must dust all your sofas, chairs and other upholstered pieces of furniture weekly by vacuuming every corner with a soft brush. It will prevent dust, dirt and other unwanted debris to accumulate. By steam cleaning your furniture you will prevent pollens, germs, bacteria and micro organism such as mites which are responsible for allergy problems.

A regular cleaning will insure your upholstered or leather furniture to maintain their beautiful lustre.

It is recommended to have your carpet and Persian rugs washed on a regular basis as they are a perfect breathing ground for mites and other micro organism, often responsible for allergies, eczema and respiratory problems.

Stain removal: professional tips.

Do you have a stain on your leather or upholstered sofa chair? Do you have a water mark on your love seat? No need to panic! But you must react rapidly before the stain enters deep into the fibre.

With a clean cloth, absorb the maximum of the liquid without robbing. Often, this operation is sufficient, if your furniture is treated with a anti permanent stain product (Scotch Gard).

If you are using a commercial SOFT stain remover, it is strongly recommended to read the instructions and test it on a not visible part of the fabric, or call Orchidee Nettoyage, our very specialized professional team will assist you.

Contacting Services de Nettoyage Orchidee is your insurance that your furniture, carpet, area and Persian rugs will clean and beautiful for a very long time in a preserved and healthy environment.

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