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Taking care of your oriental rug

oriental and persian carpet cleaning

oriental and persian carpet cleaning

Hand woven Oriental and Persian rugs are often an important investment and must be protected, so they can be appreciated for many years to come. In many families, Oriental and Persian rugs are often passed from generation to generation.

Orchidee Nettoyage is offering you today tips and recommendations that will help you best to maintain your valuable Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs.

In the past, not to long ago Oriental and Persian rugs had been hung outside and “beaten” to remove accumulated dust. As efficient as this practice was, it is no longer used, especially in our larger cities. New technologies, (vacuum and new ecological cleaning products) replaced this older way of cleaning with much better results. Further more; your carpets and rugs will now be freer of any mites and bugs that are often responsible for allergy problems.

We suggest passing a vacuum cleaner regularly, at least once a week, will prevent dust and debris from going deep into the fiber of your carpet. When cleaning your carpet, it is important to use the appropriate attachment delivered with your vacuum cleaner.

Using a soft brush, always hand brush the fringes of your carpets, never vacuum them, since they can easily be ripped or torn.

Also, if part of your Oriental or Persian rug is exposed to the sun light or to a heavy traffic, it is recommended to turn it around 180o every 12 to 18 months to prevent an uneven ware and tare caused by heavy traffic or a long exposure to sun light. Whenever possible, avoid exposing your carpet to direct sun light.

In case of accident, pet urine, wine, coffee or sauce stain, with a clean tissue, absorb, without rubbing, the maximum amount of liquid spilled on your Oriental or Persian rug. With a little bit of delicate soap and white vinegar on a clean damp cloth, in a light and circular motion, clean the remaining of the stain.

If carpet is dry, and the stain or stains are still visible, your Oriental or Persian rug must be professionally clean as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming permanent.  When our cleaning company, “Orchidee Nettoyage” picks up your Oriental or Persian rug to be professionally washed in our warehouse, in the majority of cases, the cleaning is done by hand with clear water and soap only. Our experienced technicians will analyze the fiber and the dye used during fabrication to choose the absolute best products and method of cleaning. After being rinsed, it is inspected and clean again if necessary. It is then hanged to dry. When dry, your carpet is rolled and bagged, ready to be delivered.

Orchidee Nettoyage uses only environmental friendly products, biodegradable and allergy free.

Please contact Orchidee Nettoyage by email or by telephone at 514 626-5901, we will gladly evaluate your needs in terms of maintaining or cleaning your carpets. Please note that our cleaning company specializes also in restoration of antique or modern rugs.

These recommendations maintaining and cleaning are equally suggested for all your upholstered furniture. To avoid permanent stain, it is strongly suggested to apply a “Scotch Gard” protection.

Any question regarding the maintenance of your Oriental or Persian rugs, carpets and furniture? Please contact Orchidee Nettoyage, our experienced technicians are ready to help and answer all questions.

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