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Restoration and Carpet cleaning in Montreal

Rénovation tapis

renovation tapis

ORCHIDEE NETTOYAGE offers a complete restoration and cleaning services for your area rugs and carpets in Montreal and surrounding areas. To all residential, commercial, corporate and condominium complexes, our very qualified team will take a very good care of all your carpets, area rugs as well as Persian or Oriental rugs.

Before the restoration or cleaning of your carpet or area rugs

Before commencing the cleaning of your area rug or carpet, (in house, your office or your commercial place), we will analyze the fiber and the tint used during fabrication of the carpet. We will then know the type of products and the method to us for optimal results.

We will locate the areas where special attention is required, (high traffic areas, steps etc…). We will move all furniture if possible to have access to all surfaces of your carpet to be clean.

Restoration and cleaning method used for your area rug or carpet

The ORCHIDEE NETTOYAGE experienced technicians will proceed with the cleaning of your area rug oriental or wall to wall carpet with our soil extractor, state of the art equipment. (High pressure steam injection into the fiber and vacuum at 200 P.S.I to remove a maximum amount of dirt). This cleaning method is extremely efficient and will remove as much as 90/100 of accumulated soil and will eliminate bacteria and micro organism, often associated with allergies and breathing difficulties. The hedges, along walls are also steam cleaned.
After the cleaning, the carpets are inspected and cleaned again if necessary. We will then replace back the furniture, sofas and chairs where they belong.
You can also contact us to pick up your area rugs at your home, office or your business place. They will be cleaned in our warehouse and delivered back to you within 10 days with no additional cost in the Greater Montreal Area.

Oriental and Persian rug cleaning

Oriental and Persian rugs are made of high end fibers and tint. The colors are made of natural vegetal extracts and they must be very carefully analyzed before using the correct method of cleaning and detergent, to protect the texture, the vibrancy and luster of your carpet.

For the cleaning of your Oriental or Persian rug in your home, we will use a very light detergent and will use the appropriate equipment to respect the fibers and colors used during fabrication, insuring a job well done. At your request, we will apply a “Scotch Gard” anti bacteria and anti odor treatment.

The pick up and delivery of your Oriental or Persian rugs such as Abris, Agras, Aubusson, Bijars, Hamade, Herez, Khachan, Mahal, Sarouk, Shivran, RTabriz etc… are at no cost in the greater Montreal area. The cleaning will be done in our warehouse and yours carpets and rugs will be delivered back to you within 10 days.

Cleaning products for rugs and carpets

All the products we are using are allergy free, bio degradable and environmentally friendly. These products are safe for your carpets as well as for your children and family pets. With our professional cleaning method, your carpets will maintain their beauty and luster.

Persian and Oriental rugs restoration

ORCHIDEE NETTOYAGE offers a restoration service for your Oriental or Persian rugs. Our experienced artisans will restore the damaged areas of your valued carpets by reproducing the pattern perfectly with colors and fibers of equal quality. They will repair or replace damaged fringes.

To protect the quality of Persian or Oriental rugs, it is recommended to have them refreshed or cleaned every 3 years. Please contact us for more details about our restoration service in the Greater Montreal area; we take pride in the quality of our work.

Carpet maintenance in Montreal

Please contact ORCHIDEE NETTOYAGE for the maintenance of your carpets in Montreal and suburbs (cleaning or restoration of your rugs). Your Persian or Oriental rugs have a sentimental and monetary value that you want to protect. Please contact us, we will pick up and deliver, at no cost to you in the Greater Montreal area, at your home or place of work.

Contact us at info[@] or by calling at 514 626 5901 for our very reasonable prices or to reserve a date for the maintenance of your carpets or rugs. ORCHIDEE NETTOYAGE offers at all time, a very professional and friendly service. Our work is guaranteed.

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