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Spring Cleaning

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April is here already. It is time to think of giving your Oriental and Persian Rugs the care they deserve. They have, as all of us survive this past winter while keeping our feet dry and warm. It is time to remove all debris, salt and other foreign organism accumulated during the many winter months.

To give your Oriental or Persian rugs back the shine, freshness and splendor they deserve, call Orchidee Nettoyage. We will pick them up from your house, office or warehouse. We will deliver back to you clean and bagged within 10 days.

It is important that your carpets be free of the debris mentioned before as they are often the cause of premature degradation of the very fiber of your rugs.

Your wall to wall carpets could also have endure some mistreatment. When coming home from school, the arena or from the friend next door, anxious to go to their room play a video game, do some homework or in the kitchen to eat a quick snack, may have forgotten to remove their shoes before entering the house. The damage is done, your carpets will be in need for a good spring cleaning.

When calling Orchidee Nettoyage, our qualified technicians are always ready to help. Contact Orchidee Nettoyage and avoid certain stains from becoming permanent. Our technicians are always happy to give you tips on how to take good care of your rugs. They might suggest a protection treatment if the quality of the fiber of your carpet will permit. It is suggestion and not an obligation to you. Orchidee Nettoyage’s primary concern is to ensure that we give our clients the best service possible.

Since the beginning of our activity, in 2002, Orchidee Nettoyage is proud to count on very large clientele that, year after year call us back for the maintenance of their carpets.

Whether it is for the cleaning or the restoration of your Oriental or Persian Rugs, wall to wall carpets, the cleaning of your windows or your air ducts, our professional technicians will give particular attention to all your needs. It is our commitment to you.

Commercial rugs also deserve a special attention. Our top of the line equipment and environmentally friendly products, will give your commercial carpets the best cleaning possible as well as maintaining their luster.

Our team of specialists in carpet, furniture, windows and air duct cleaning wish you a very happy spring.

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