Our Services

Many employees and customers enter your business every day, leaving behind unwanted stains and residue, especially in the high traffic areas. Whether it be a small or larger carpet, sofa, chair or partition wall surface; Orchidee Cleaning will be pleased to provide you with a free estimate for all your carpet, furniture and partition wall cleaning needs. We will professionally pre-treat spots and stains using no-toxic detergent, environmentally friendly products to ensure your carpets, furniture and partition walls will be left spotless, sanitary and odourless. Orchidee’s deep cleaning method with heat, pressure and extraction removes more soil particles then any other method.

Our technicians are fast, efficient and thoroughly professional. Cleaning your carpets, upholstery or leather furniture and partition walls are vitally important. Bacteria, mold and viruses, all thrive in carpets and upholstery foam. Usually they are the source of illnesses in the environment. Orchidee Cleaning offers other services, they are optional but at times strongly suggested – Deodorizer Treatment, Disinfectant Treatment and Scotch Gard Treatment.

We Service: Hotels, Motels, Apartment Buildings Commercial Businesses, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Houses of Worship and more.

Owner or administrator of a building

Winter is over and beautiful, warm and sunny days are back. It is time to clean and put in storage your winter carpet. Orchidee Nettoyage is here to help you remove those unwanted salt stains. Your office carpets, furniture and dividers are most likely in need of being cleaned and refreshed, Orchidee Nettoyage has the appropriate equipment and products to do the job. Are you the owner or administrator of a building and the carpets in the corridors are in need of a good cleaning? Orchidee Nettoyage teams are here and ready to help.