UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE is a favourable breathing area for micro-organisms and other unwanted germs and bacteria. Your upholstered sofa, love seat and chairs must be cared for and cleaned in a manner similar to carpets. Depending on the type of material your upholstered furniture is made of (Cotton, Velvet, Microfiber, Silk or Synthetic) different specialty products are used. All products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Orchidee Cleaning professional technicians use our Soil Extraction System that allows your sofa, love seat and chair to dry within approximately 4 hours.

We SPECIALIZE IN THE CLEANING OF LEATHER SOFAS, LOVE SEATS AND LEATHER CHAIRS and more. This process is accomplished in 2 steps: The first is the removal of dust and stains, followed by special conditioning.
It is recommended to clean and condition your leather sofa, leather love seat or leather chairs every 3 or 4 years to maintain the leather softness and moisture and to avoid hardening and cracking.

Why choose Orchidée?

Your furniture, sofas, love seats and chairs, because of being so frequently used, they are the most prone to acquiring stains. Orchidee Nettoyage recommends to maintain your furniture, they should be clean professionally every 3 years or sooner if necessary. Wine, coffee, sauces, urine and even water stains must be clean within 24 to 48 hours, especially if your furniture has not been protected with *Scotch Gard* treatment.