It is very important to have your mattress professionally cleaned regularly. This will eliminate the threat of any unwanted microorganisms, various pollutants. Dust mites can live deep within your mattress. Cleaning your mattress and box spring rigorously yourself is not enough. Our professional technician will use our Soil Extraction System. It is the state of the art equipment. To avoid problems with asthma, itchy skin, allergy problems, Orchidee Cleaning Services can help you make your sleep a more pleasant one. Professional mattress and box spring cleaning is essential for your well being. Urine and stain removal will if necessary be removed manually by our technicians before commencing with our Soil Extraction Equipment.
Orchidee experts can apply:
– Disinfectant to your mattress to kill 99.9% of dust mites, bacteria, allergens.
– Deodorizer Treatment and “Scotch Gard” Treatment.
The above treatments are very much recommended. They are all optional and at your request.

Orchidee cleaning is proud to use products that are non toxic and safe for your children and pets as well as the environment.

Professional Mattress will eliminate polluants

Scientific studies tell us that on average, human body looses 2 pounds of dry skin per year, and a large part of if ends up on your sheets, mattresses and box springs; a feast for micro organisms. Orchidee Nettoyage team of professionals have the expertise, the products and equipment to eliminate them and keep your mattresses clean for a long time.