Orchidee Cleaning Services can help restore your Oriental rug or Persian rug back to its original condition ensuring that it lasts for many more years in your home.
Orchidee Cleaning Services provides Persian rug and Oriental rug repair by our ‘Expert Artisans’.
Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs are known for their durability, however; older rugs can be in need of some restoration. Restoring means that our artisans will duplicate the fibers and the construction of the original rug. Worn areas will be rewoven, frayed ends will be secured.
If your rug requires new fringes or are in need of any other repairs, we have experienced artisans who are experts in this field.
To protect your quality Oriental rug or Persian rug after it has been cleaned or restored, we recommend:

  • Keep a good quality pad underneath your rug to prevent unnecessary wear and tear
  • Vacuum your rug at least twice a month or as often as necessary
  • After a spill, absorb the liquid with a clean cloth, spot clean with a mild soap and cold water
  • Rotate your rug at least once a year to prevent uneven wear due to foot traffic
  • Your rugs should be professionally cleaned every 3 years or sooner to ensure a lifetime of beauty

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Artisans restore your Oriental Rug or Persian Rug

Orchidee Nettoyage have artisans, specialists in this field who will reproduce the pattern, the design of your valuable carpet, in case of accidental or normal wear and tear. If you are in need of new fringes, Orchidee Nettoyage will replace them.

We suggest by turning your Persian or Oriental rug 180o every 12 to 18 months, you will be avoiding uneven wear and tear.