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Moving and cleaning

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The summer is almost here, and so is July 1st, moving day in Montreal and Quebec! You are moving into a new house or a new apartment? It is essential to take all necessary measures to avoid unwanted “surprises” upon arrival to your new dwelling.

Make sure that the moving company you are hiring is a serious, professional one, member of a recognized movers association. It is important that their trucks are well kept and cleaned after every moving job done. You certainly want to avoid your furniture, carpets and all other personal belongings be exposed to any germs and bacteria from the previous contract. Make sure that your movers are covered with a very good insurance plan, in case of some damage or an unfortunate accident. Do not make your choice considering only the price.

Make sure, before transporting your carpets, rugs, furniture and other personal belongings into your new home, that they have been cleaned and ready to be installed. Orchidee Nettoyage can pick up the carpets, clean them and deliver them back to your new home, ready to be installed at a date convenient to you. Your furniture also, if in need to be refreshed and cleaned, let Orchidee Nettoyage professionals take care of them before they are bagged to be transported to your new home. You will certainly have enough details to look after, boxes to empty and not to realize that your belongings should have been cleaned before your big move.

You understand that WE, Orchidee Nettoyage, are the cleaning specialists for any cleaning before and after your moving. Whether it is for the cleaning or restoration of your Oriental or Persian rugs, your furniture, your windows your air ducts and dryer vent, we will make that part of your move, a worry free experience.

To allow your Oriental or Persian rugs to best maintain their splendor, they must be looked after by professionals on a regular basis. As we have described in a previous article on how to maintain your carpets, we realize that they are often of a great sentimental value and important investment to you. You must protect this investment or family heirloom. We suggest you vacuum your rugs or carpets on a regular basis. To avoid taring, never vacuum the fringes, always use a soft brush and hand clean them yourself. To avoid fading of the colors of your carpets or rugs from exposure to sunlight, or wear and tear, it is recommended to rotate them by 180o every 12 to 18 months. By taking good care of your rugs, they will keep their beauty, vibrancy and value for many years to come.

Your Oriental or Persian rugs are in need of repair?  Give them to Orchidee Nettoyage, we have specialists, artisans who will replace the fringes or repair a small tare. Your carpets will once again retain its original splendor.

Are your stairs, bedrooms or other surfaces carpeted? Orchidee Nettoyage experts will give them a deep steam cleaning to remove all dust, debris and bacteria before your arrival into your new home.

Our professional teams can also clean your windows, inside and out, your air ducts and your dryer vent. A little note: if at any time, when you wash your clothes, you might notice that they do not dry as fast as they should, or if you notice more accumulation of dust in your house, this is a sure sign that your air ducts and dryer vent need to be clean. Call the professionals at Orchidee Nettoyage and avoid bigger expenses.

So good luck and safe moving!

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