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Cleaning and maintaining Oriental Carpets

Nettoyage de tapis ancien à la main

Oriental rugs (being Persian, Moroccan, Turkish or other) are often of great

value, hand made by artisans. Their design is inspired by ancient traditions and they are made of high quality and very often expensive fibres.

Tinted with vibrant natural colors, some, very unique in their composition, are truly pieces of art that will remarkably enhance your home and will last a lifetime. Therefore, it is of primary importance that their maintenance and cleaning be done the correct way by professionals, to preserve the richness of their color and the integrity of their fibre.

Adapted Cleaning for Persian rugs

It is evident that Persian Carpet, Moroccan, Turkish and other rugs should be cleaned by experienced, professional technicians only. You must not try yourself to remove a stain using a hard brush and detergent. A professional technician will analyze the color and the fibre and then choose the appropriate detergent. It is especially important that the colors and fibres of your carpet be preserved. An anti bacteria and/or deodorant can also be applied on your Oriental rug.

It is also recommended, after having your carpet washed, to apply a protector on them. This will avoid any future stain from entering deep into the fibres of your rugs and becoming permanent. The protector is a colourless and odourless product which is perfect to maintain your valuable carpets.

Regular maintenance of your Persian rug

Oriental carpets require a particular and regular maintenance and a spring cleaning. The use of the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis will prevent the accumulation of dust and debris. Allowing dust to accumulate, will prematurely affect the color and the fibre.

It is also extremely important to have the stains cleaned as soon as possible by professionals who will use the correct cleaning method. Trying to remove any stain on your own could affect the integrity of the color or the fibre. If it is a very small stain that has to be removed, you can try with a clean white cloth using a home made solution of 1 part water and ¼ part white vinegar.

Cleaning of silk carpets or curtains

Silk fibres are soft and shiny, and they are also very delicate and fragile. This is the reason why they should be only cleaned by professionals.

The cleaning will be done by hand or be dry cleaned to avoid any damage and to protect the color and the lustre of you rug. At your request, we will apply a protector to preserve the beauty of your Oriental, silk rug.

Cleaning method

We will analyze the color and the quality of the fibre, the origin of the stains and then, we will choose the appropriate method and detergent to be used. We will concentrate first on the areas most affected (traffic area, stains etc…) and then the rest of the surface, with clear water, steam or dry cleaning.

Orchidee Nettoyage: The professional Oriental Carpet cleaners

Let us take care of your fabulous, valuable Oriental rugs for an efficient, secure cleaning. We will pick up your carpets at your home and deliver them back to you just like new. Nettoyage Orchidee offers a pick up and cleaning service in the Greater Montreal Area.

Contact us by email or by phone at 514 626-5901. It is our privilege to help and advise you regarding the maintenance of your Persian, Moroccan, Turkish or other rugs.

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